Collection: Barley craft brewery

The Barley Craft Brewery

Italian ingenuity

In 2006, a small and creative artisan reality was born which aims to place its products on the table of medium-high-end restaurants, according to a diffusion line parallel to wine. Barley beers are synonymous with originality and finesse, the result of surprising experiments that use ingredients linked to the production area in an unexpected way. Thus was born a wide range of 12 beers that can give perfumes and aromas of extraordinary intensity.

Handcrafted production

The Barley craft brewery, founded in 2006 thanks to the strong passion for high quality beers of the two partners Nicola Perra and Isidoro Mascia, is a small and creative craft reality that aims to place its products on the table of medium-range restaurants. high, according to a diffusion line parallel to the wine. All the beers are unpasteurised , unfiltered and refermented in the bottle : a production methodology which allows the refinement of the beer, making its aromas and flavors in continuous and surprising evolution and giving the product optimal digestibility. The strong passion of the two partners, combined with the constant care for high quality, has made it possible to successfully make Barley beers known also to qualified American experts, thus paving the way for export to the USA, where they have found their natural place in those high-end and very high-end restaurants that are very sensitive to niche products, especially if they are Italian. To confirm the high quality of the product and the considerable satisfaction on the part of consumers, the Australian export market and those of some countries with a great brewing tradition, such as England, Germany and Belgium , are added to the US export market. Added to these are the increasingly interesting Asian markets. The Barley Brewery now boasts a vast range of beers, each designed to be combined with numerous foods, which can ideally be divided into three groups, according to the different usability. Given the strongly growing requests over the years, satisfied only minimally (especially in spring - summer), in 2015 it was decided to increase production, building a new factory, located in the industrial area of ​​Maracalagonis, a few km away from the other brewery. In December 2015 we therefore started with the production in the new production reality, effectively transferring all the logistics of the Barley (including direct sales to the public) and having as main objective that of producing the "base" line in the 75 cl format. in quantities finally adequate to the requests. The old plant continues its normal activity, with the aim of producing the basic line in the 37.5 cl format. (much in demand, especially on the foreign market) and the whole high-end line, in the usual 75 cl format.