Collection: Honey Rossini estates

the honey of the Tenute Rossini farm is also dedicated to the typical breeding of Mediterranean bees .

Respect for the ecosystem is the basis of the productive attitude in the vineyard which has seen the progressive elimination of any type of pesticide and the limitation of the use of copper for foliar treatments in the vineyard.

Natural methods are used in the fight against parasites and pesticides and herbicides are not used. The green manure is practiced, and the hoe in the under row.

It is therefore not uncommon to find bees and other Apoidea collecting pollen and nectar in the grassy and flower-rich inter-rows.

Beekeeping, breeding for generations, is another activity of Tenute Rossini: about 200 families of bees who practice nomadism, by moving the hives, to make the most of the different flowerings (all wild), under the watchful supervision of Maximum.

Alongside the excellent production qualities of the typical asphodel honey, thistle honey, eucalyptus honey, lavender honey, Sardinian wildflower honey and strawberry tree honey, abbamele is associated with the production of royal jelly and propolis.