Collection: Pasta Factory of the Prophets

“Pastificio dei Profeti was born in 2016 in Sardinia, the heart of the Mediterranean and at the foot of Monte Arcosu, a WWF oasis. It sinks into the tradition of Sardinian and Italian pasta making trying to innovate the product in the direction of new tastes and trends. The careful selection of the best semolina from ancient Italian organic grains has allowed our products to be certified Organic (MIPAAF BIO 014 / N.12403) The artisan manufacturing process, with bronze drawing, to enhance a special "roughness ”, the slow drying at low temperature, to keep all the organoleptic substances intact, allow to obtain a really good, healthy and beautiful pasta. To ensure high food safety parameters, within an HCCP self-control plan, we carry out careful further laboratory analyzes of the water and the product. At the moment, the Pastificio dei Profeti has a production capacity of about 20T of pasta per year with the possibility of growing up to 40T. As logistics, it has a warehouse/storage and makes use of couriers of proven reliability. The Pastificio also has the ambition to be a supportive company, respectful of the environment and of those who work there: a part of the profits will be donated to humanitarian and social projects, together with product donations to associations or entities involved in solidarity distribution. Finally, the careful choice of logo and packaging seeks to recall our values, as well as the quality and taste of the product.”