Taste Sardinia

Taste Sardinia, authentic flavors in one click

It is the passion for good food, for the flavors and aromas of the past that guides our work: we offer only high quality and genuine foods, coming from productions of the Italian agricultural and artisan tradition.

The changes that have marked the evolution of the Italian market and beyond are dealt with with timing and experience, by the current "Bottega" where everything is organized and managed directly. The products chosen with the companies with which we collaborate are a source of pride for me as they denote a qualified and unaltered image of the way we operate.

Adapted to the demands of good healthy eating and drinking , we offer : professionalism, innovation, service and assistance. Our relationship with customers does not want to stop at the "sale" alone but also at an important consultancy .

The continuous exchange of information between us and the producers and the attention we pay to the Italian market, feed the wealth of knowledge useful for predicting future trends.

With many of these producers, since March 2020 we have decided to expand the service to public sales through e-commerce with reference to the private public, and here is how Gusta online is born.