Craft beer Sella del Diavolo Barley 750 ml

Craft beer Sella del Diavolo Barley 750 ml

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"The alluring amber color with orange reflections and the persistent crème-colored foam reveal the use of roasted malts and promise us scents and flavors ranging from biscuity to roasted.

The nose is characterized by the coexistence of an evident caramel reinforced by impressive fruity notes of black cherry and plum with herbaceous and peppery notes brought about by a careful use of hops in the aromatic phase. On the palate it is vinous and warm with a very appropriate dryness that makes it well balanced between sweet fruity notes, toasted and slightly smoky notes and pungent and bitter notes, particularly strong in the aftertaste.

At the table, the Sella del Diavolo can make an excellent impression with traditional Sardinian dishes such as roast lamb and spit-roasted suckling pig as well as not too savory and medium-ripe cheeses. Finally, its biscuity notes allow it to be paired with sweets based on not too bitter chocolate or with almond sweets or dried fruit."

Lorenzo Dabove aka Kuaska