Craft beer Toccadibò Barley 750 ml

Craft beer Toccadibò Barley 750 ml

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Touched Barley

is an Italian craft beer, it stands out with the following characteristics:

"Deep golden color and candid and creamy foam, Toccadibò immediately reminds us of a golden strong ale. In the nose, it is clean and dry with very pronounced alcoholic sensations which soon evaporate to let a sumptuous fruity peach and apricot in syrup triumph well balanced by aromatic notes of hops reminiscent of chives.On the palate, the announced sensation of "warming" is well contrasted by a bold dryness that gives us a spicy, clean and sharp aftertaste that brings us, despite the strong alcohol content, to immediately desire a second glass.The most attentive taster will notice an unusual but very pleasant note of amaretto.At the table it can marry perfectly with white meats, but it can surprise and degrease elaborate dishes based on game, fight with cheeses matured fats and prove to be irresistible with fruit tarts in syrup or with amaretti biscuits."

Lorenzo Dabove aka Kuaska