Craft beer Zagara Barley 750 ml

Craft beer Zagara Barley 750 ml

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"In 2007, a beer enhanced by use was introduced into the Barley range

of Sardinian orange honey from organic beekeeping, which gives the product a delicate

drive towards elegant aromas and flavors of citrus.

It is orange in colour, with a creamy, adherent and persistent white foam.

On the nose there are hints of orange and spices. The flavors are perceived in the mouth

of malt, orange and a nice dry finish of hops, which makes this beer particularly

drinkable and refreshing.

Excellent as an aperitif, at the table it goes well with pumpkin ravioli or as an accompaniment

to fresh foods, such as salads based on fish or white meat and young goat and pecorino cheeses."

serving temperature: 7° - 8° C

tasting notes: Lorenzo Dabove aka Kuaska