Cannonau of Sardinia DOC Rolù 2021
Cannonau of Sardinia DOC Rolù 2021
Cannonau of Sardinia DOC Rolù 2021

Cannonau of Sardinia DOC Rolù 2021

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Color Ruby red with violet tones. Wide and intense bouquet, of talc, graphite. Hints of red fruits. Soft, velvety and well-harmonised tannins, round with a good structure. Alcoholic note mitigated by the complexity of flavors and scents. Left to oxygenate, it improves with the passing of the minutes.

- Soil: calcareous mixed with marl with clayey layers

- Alcohol content: 15.00% vol

- Grape yield Q.LI / HA: 60/80 System of

- Breeding system: Spurred cordon

- Strains / HA: 4000

- Harvest Period: End of September – beginning of October.

The grapes are harvested manually in the early hours of the morning Vinification and Maturation: destemming is followed by crushing with light breaking of the berry and fermentation with maceration on the skins for 10-12 days in steel tanks at a controlled temperature. Frequent pumping over and punching down.

This is followed by soft pressing and decanting for natural purification. Refinement: In steel for about eight months.

To ensure maximum respect for its natural characteristics, this wine is not clarified or filtered: any residues are a symptom of its integrity.

Service temperature: 16-18° C

- Awards: 1) Silver Medal at the 2016 Grenaches du Monde International Competition.

2) Honorable mention at Wine & Sardinia 2016 in Sorgono.

3) Signature Cannonau at Wine & Sardinia 2017 in Sorgono.

4) Bronze medal at the B'INU 2017 Nuoro National Wine Competition.

4) Douja D'Or of Asti 2018 (Asti 08/09/2018)

5) Gold Wine and Sardinia", 2018 (Sorgono 21/10/2018).

6) Special prize: "Cannonau d'Autore" (Sorgono 21/10/2018).

7) Gold medal: at the B'INU 2018 Nuoro National Wine Competition 14/12/2018.

8) Year 2019: Recognition 87/100 in the international competition 5Star Wines

9) the Book 2019. Gold Medal at Grenage du Monde, Roussillon, France, April 2019

Cannonau of Sardinia DOC Rolù 2021