Birra artiganale Macca Meda Barley 750 ml

Birra artiganale Macca Meda Barley 750 ml

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Macca Meda

"After the flattering successes obtained with the first five beers, the Sardinian brewer Nicola Perra launches into a new "very crazy" adventure (Macca Meda, in the Sardinian language) with a beer similar to an American Amber Ale, strong at the same time and drinkable, with an "international" slant due to the presence of ingredients linked to countries with a great tradition, put at the service of the new emerging "Made in Italy" synonymous with imagination, creativity and originality.

La Macca Meda gives us a pleasant sensation of freshness on the nose followed by impressive fruity notes of white grapes, orange and apricot. Citrus, bitter and spicy coexist in harmony on the palate, directing us towards an explosive aftertaste characterized by pungent peppery hints and a clear astringency. The main creator is First Gold, an infrequently used hop, of English origin, grown in Belgium in the Poperinge area.

Destined, due to its complexity and eclecticism, for high-level restaurants, I recommend trying it with meats with strong flavors such as duck or goose. Also enjoyable in less formal environments, with medium-aged cheeses."

Lorenzo Dabove aka Kuaska