Eucalyptus honey 250 gr

Eucalyptus honey 250 gr

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It is a honey that is held in particular consideration due to the fact that it is also able to carry out important emollient, calming activities, especially against a disease as widespread during the winter season as cough. Furthermore, eucalyptus honey carries out its beneficial activity also towards the airways and the respiratory system, carrying out a precise antiseptic action. Again from an antiseptic point of view, eucalyptus honey is also used for the treatment of the urinary and intestinal tract. We are talking about a food that has the ability to perform a rather important beneficial action to eradicate the cystitis that forms in the urine. We must not forget how eucalyptus honey is also used quite frequently as a real vermifuge and healing agent for the treatment of diseases affecting the mouth. Eucalyptus honey is always characterized by having a particularly limited level of humidity (with a percentage that is around 14%) and, for this reason, the density is higher.

Color: This particular type of honey is characterized by denoting an amber color, which in many cases has a tendency to become gray (especially after the crystallization phase occurs) and crystallizes until it reaches particularly fine grains and has a decidedly united and compact consistency.

Aroma: The traditional smell of eucalyptus honey is quite woody, since it can often also evoke dried mushrooms. Eucalyptus honey can certainly be considered as one of those foods that belong to the category of strongly aromatic honeys. The scent of this honey is typically intense and obviously resembles that which characterizes the leaves and flowers of the homonymous plant. During the crystallization phase, eucalyptus honey has the particular characteristic of taking on a much lighter colour, until it reaches a color similar to ivory.